September 2016

 Wednesday, August 16, 2017

September 1
Created a new challenge group for my beachbody coaching, entertained Nala, walked Nala.

September 2
Waffles with 100% maple syrup & strawberries, family walk with James & Nala, and the after effects of bathing Nala.

September 3
Lunch date at Panera. Created a new beachbody challenge group for September. Nala loves her crate and loves chasing her tail. I love Shakeology. Meal planning is always hard for me.

September 4
It's very rare that James has a Sunday off from work, so I thought I'd document it! Nala loves running in the woods, cuddling with James, and envying my Shakeology.

September 5
ExerCIZE, walks with James & Nala, healthy chickpea avocado sandwich from my beachbody sandwich group, hanging out with Tim (the LDS student staying with us while rotating at Kent Hospital), Nala drooling at the door, Nala seeing who's at the door, having Landon, Brittany, & Juni over to roast hotdogs and marshmallows over our fire pit.
(don't worry, the dog food bag was empty before we let her sniff the bag)

 Best photo ever!

 Landon & James

 James & Tim

 She loved sitting in the grassy hole in our backyard.
September 6
Peanut butter and banana on whole wheat toast, errands with Nala, James cleaning out the garage while I clean out the basement. For mutual I taught my Narragansett Ward Young Women the first dance practice for the Hartford Temple Cultural Celebration.

Beehives: Kaylee & Hannah--Me: YW President--Laurels: McKenna & Lexi--Mia Maids: Julie
September 7
"Thin Mint" Shakeology recipe, cute photos of James & Nala, a healthy avocado egg salad wrap for lunch.

September 8
Healthy taco salad and sunset walks with James after he's had a long day at work.

 I think she spots a bunny.
September 9
 My goal for today to drink 3 of these:
 Date night with James at Wendy's where I should get a salad...
 But end up getting value menu french fries & a burger. We decided to sit on the sidewalk and watch the sunset while we eat our Wendy's. Then we went to the movies and saw Sully with Tom Hanks in it. It was pretty good!
In the car Carrie Underwood's song "Before He Cheats" came on the radio. I associate this song with my aunt Kara (my aunt who is 2 years older than me) because when I was 16 or so we lip-synced to this song and made a "music video." It's been our inside joke for 10 years, so I decided to send her this video of me lipsyncing to it. The best part of the video is James' reaction toward the end haha!
September 10
Teaching Nala some dance moves from CIZE.

Check out this cool shadow picture of me, our chandelier, and Nala.
 Toasting our wedding photo with Shakeology...not really but Shakeology does make our marriage better in many ways because it keeps me from being hangry.
 Watching the BYU game at our friends the Smith's house.

September 11
Wore a patriotic scarf in my hair in remembrance of 9/11 at church today.
 We took Nala goose for a walk in the woods.

 James and I babysat for our resident friend Lacey and her husband. We love Reed and baby Ashton.

 Reed hiding from us haha.
 Reed LOVED James.

 How we spent our Sunday evening.
 Home to see our own baby.
September 12
Motivation Monday, focusing on my fitness and health.
Every girl should read I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones.
 Nala trying to steal my Shakeology

 She loves sunbathing.
 Making lunch
 My sweaty selfie after doing the 21 Day Fix.
September 13
Chelsea Bun & Shakeology for breakfast
 Ready to exercise.
 Nala is ready to watch me.
 Progress photo before and after.
 Nala is getting so long!
 Squash with taco meat & cheese for lunch.

 Nala sleeps a lot.
 I sweat a lot after my workout.
 Healthy dinner with Bri & her family.
 Meal planning for the 21 Day Fix!
September 14
 You can see Nala destroys our couches, but at least I'm holding plank!
 She loves to kiss all the sweat off my face when I'm done exercising.
 Healthy lunch
 Shakeology for dessert
 The many faces of Nala goose excitement during a walk.
September 15
More exercising, Shakeology, walks with Nala.

 September 16
More exercise, shakeology, and kisses from a dog I'm obsessed with.

September 17
Lots of sweat today moving Landon & Brittany & Juni into their new house!

September 18
Church & family walks. I taught this awesome lesson to the Young Women about chastity with pineapple and chocolate cake. Read the lesson here. I changed a few things and added more gospel doctrine using the Come Follow Me lesson on guarding your virtue.

September 19

 James sanding the farm table we got off craigslist so he can stain it and paint the legs.

 I made homemade Cafe Rio burritos for the missionaries Elders Nielson and Anderson.
 With leftover chocolate cake and shakeology for me.

September 20
Healthy breakfast, my friend Nicole's results from 21 Day Fix, and my new challenge group.

September 21

 Apparently in England there's a restaurant called Chelsea Bun. But I like it as the name of my daily hairstyle.
 Tim, the med student rotating at Kent staying with us, well he turned 30 so we baked him a cupcake in a jar and put a sign on the basement door. Haha.

September 22
Nala & our neighbor's dog Bo out for a walk together!
 Nala in her element in the woods.
 A good reminder!
September 23
We had another LDS med student come stay with us while he rotated at Kent Hospital, and he's good friends with Tim! Ari and Tim overlapped their stays with us, so we took them to Iggy's for some Rhode Island seafood dinner! Nala loved the company.

September 24
I babysat Vinny today.

September 25
Church and walk with Nala in the woods, but the video quality isn't very good so I'm not posting it here. We had pumpkin turkey chili for dinner and I think the missionaries came over!

September 26
Exercise, Save the Date from my friend Sara Hernandez from AZ, and James and I went on a day date to explore Plimoth Plantation and the Mayflower!

 We took Nala on a walk in the woods at sunset.
 Then roasted a campfire banana dessert that turned out disgusting.
September 27
Every day. Exercise, healthy food, walks and photos with Nala.

September 28

 Nala spending time with Bo at the neighbor's house

 Another beachbody group I'm doing.
September 29
Exercise, omelette, Nala, James made Korean food for Tim, beachbody group, shakeology, cuddle time with Nala & James.

September 30
My breakfast: oatmeal and strawberries.
 James' breakfast: leftover Korean food.
He even shared some with Nala.
Nala's first Korean food:

Tim was so kind, he gave us a thank you package from Trader Joes! Seaweed snacks for James because he likes Korean food, pumpkin spice loaf because I love pumpkin everything, dog treats for Nala, and a fun Halloween gingerbread house for us to decorate!
Ready for October!


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