trying healthy recipes & workouts

 Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Here are a few healthy recipes we've tried recently...
light buffalo chicken wrap
Overall pretty tasty...very crunchy w/ celery 
Recipe for Light Buffalo Chicken Wraps here
Slow Cooker Moroccan Apricot Chicken
Great chicken, good spices, dish as a whole...bland. Missing a certain kick...
Recipe for Slow Cooker Moroccan Apricot Chicken here
honeyed yogurt fruit dip
Do not be deceived! This dip is wayy too tangy. Cream cheese & greek yogurt wayy to strong! Threw this away after first taste! Recipe for Honeyed Yogurt Fruit Dip here.

Workouts we've tried recently:
James running 5 miles every day...wish I could do that.
Chels loves Jillian Michaels workout DVDs better than any other workout (besides dancing of course).
If you want to sweat & do cardio + strengthening, try these workout dvds!
Ripped in 30, Yoga Meltdown, & 30 Day Shred 
I've tried all of these and love the first 2 the most.
I want to try her other DVDs!
Sorry for the poor quality, I cropped the images so she was more modest & not showing so much skin! 

Yay for trying to live a more healthy lifestyle! 


1 Year Weekend Celebration

 Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Friday I worked all day at Chase & James picked me up to go straight to Scottsdale for the weekend. He surprised me with 3 beautiful pink roses~my favorite! He also surprised me later that night with See's Chocolates & the sweetest 1st anniversary card with loving letter inside! 
We checked into the Hilton Garden Inn & Suites where they had fresh cookies awaiting with the jetted whirlpool tub in our room!
We got ready to go to dinner at a new place we've been wanting to try called Oregano's.
We waited for 30 minutes to be seated first available, and when we were seated it was outside. Thank goodness it wasn't too hot out!
It was well worth the wait! We had an excellent waiter. We ordered the Pablo Picasso Mexican Salad and ate that first. It was just as delicious as everyone said it'd be!
We heard fabulous things about their pizookie so we ordered The Original Pizza Cookie to eat next.
Hot chocolate chip cookie with ice cream yes please!
This was the BEST pizookie we've ever tasted. We are so glad we ate it before the pizza because it hit the spot, and had we eaten it after the pizza we would have felt sick. Pizza we can take home to eat the rest, pizookie you can not. Besides, the Oregano's Pan Pizza takes about 45 minutes to make because of the unique crust. We were plenty busy eating the salad & pizookie during that time and it didn't feel like a 45 min wait at all! 
Here's our delicious pizza with canadian bacon & garlic. 
Saturday we slept in and it felt marvelous! 
We decided to try a breakfast place that was featured on the TV show Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. We loved eating at Over Easy!
Chicken Fried Steak of course
It was the best he's ever had!
 half order caramelized banana & pecan french toast w/ 1 scrambled egg
yummiest ever! 
Both of these dishes were featured on the TV show 
After breakfast we explored Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. We loved window shopping. I loved the designer stores. They have Gucci, Cartier, Juicy Couture, 7 for All Mankind, Barney's New York, Betsey Johnson, Burberry, Coach, Ed Hardy, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade New York, Louis Vouitton, Michael Kors, Neiman Marcus & Nordstrom, Prada, Steve Madden, Tiffany & Co, Tory Burch, & True Religion. Those are just a few haha. It was especially fun to browse & Anthropologie, H&M, and James' favorite girl store Charming Charlie. This store really is charming! Every kind of accessory a girl can imagine organized by color! I especially loved the pink section! 
 In love w/ the hot & light pink headbands
We also made a stop at Victoria's Secret and scored Sweet Daydream lotion & spray for $3 each! 
After the mall we went to the most darling ice cream parlor ever!
Sugar Bowl is an old fashioned ice cream parlor decorated in pink! Of course I loved it! Haha. I was craving a grilled cheese sandwich instead of ice cream, so I got that & James got a vanilla caramel shake. 
That's my hubby walking toward that pink building :)
A picture I found of the inside online
Love the pink, hearts & the bar stools on the left. This picture was taken before they put the black, white & pink tile on the floor.
 LOVE the seats & the victorian/old fashioned wall (mural?) background
 cute pink teapot napkins
 cute & yummy
 really good grilled cheese
Loved this place! Now off to go see the new Disney Pixar movie Brave!
LOVED this movie. So cute! It was funny, touching, & inspiring. An overall great family fun movie. Look at that hair! 

Came home, ate leftover Oregano's pizza for dinner, then watched the last Harry Potter movie. We loved our Harry Potter movie marathon. We are both glad & sad that it's over (the marathon & the harry potter books & movies).
We've watched the trio grow & have loved every minute of these movies!
What a wonderful anniversary weekend! 
P.S. In addition to the sweet roses, card, & chocolates James gave me for gifts, he also got us new comfy pillows! He knew my back was hurting after sleeping all night so he was thoughtful enough to order us special pillows. Thanks sweetheart!
Another anniversary gift for James: I decorated an old pickle jar & filled it with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Rolos, & Hershey's Kisses. Using garage sale stickers, I wrote 52 reasons why I love you (James) & put them on the tops or bottoms of the candies. He loved choosing them one by one & reading the cute reasons & then eating them afterwards! So fun! 

 Posts about new recipes & our recent exercise workouts & other random things are to come later during the week. 
Love you James!


1 Year Anniversary

 Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We had my best friend Ixchel take our 1 Year Anniversary photos with her really nice camera! 
Thanks Ixchel!
I can't believe a whole year has gone by already. We have been married for 1 year! Crazy! As James says, "Time flies when you're having fun!" So true! We've had many fun adventures during this 1st year including finishing the 1st year of medical school! Congrats James! I am so excited for what lies in store for us in the coming years and for eternity. I love you James!!!
Rundown of our day together on June 20, 2012:
Photoshoot with Ixchel
Breakfast at The Place (always wanted to try their breakfast)
 Chicken Fried Steak w/ biscuits & gravy
French Toast & scrambled egg
Perfect wall quote for our anniversary

Dinner at our fav restaurant Chili's
 Cajun Chicken Pasta
 Quesadilla Explosion Salad
Free Dessert! Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie

Surprised James with one of his anniversary presents I made
Library Checkout Card Bookmark
Important dates we've shared together thus far
(cute scrapbook paper on the other side of the bookmark)

After dinner & such we went shopping & relaxed & had a wonderful night!
Thanks babe for a great 1 year anniversary day & looking forward to our weekend trip!


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