Valentines Week 2014

 Sunday, February 16, 2014

**Please excuse the use of Google Images for this post. I want to document everything and didn't take enough of my own pictures!**
February 7th 2014
Glendale Chocolate Affaire with the Earls.
Brad & Julianna are our new-found friends! Together we explored downtown Glendale and tasted chocolate dipped pretzels & rice krispy treats. Because we live in AZ where the weather is exactly the same as it is in December, the Valentines Lights were exactly like the Christmas Lights when we visited for Glendale Glitters. There were not enough free chocolate samples for us, so we left and made homemade pizookies at the Earl's apartment and watched the opening ceremony of the 2014 Olympics. We shared a lot of laughs and had a lot of fun--we're so glad we can make new memories with new friends!
February 9th 2014
Sunday Dinner with the Becksteads.
We have always loved Sam & Emma. This was our first time hanging out one-on-one with them and we have no idea what took us so long! We had a blast. James and I made Nana's Spaghetti, so in no way does this generic google image portray her amazing recipe, but we did have salad & garlic bread so this is a visual reminder that we ate that. Emma made these delicious brownies topped with powdered sugar--mmm (also not a real picture). After dinner we played Deer in the Headlights. We love this game. As you may remember, this is the game that I bought James for Christmas that I found randomly at TJ Maxx. We introduced it to the Jacksons the week before, they loved it, and the Becksteads also loved it. I think everyone in the world should own this game. Thanks guys for a fun night!
February 14th 2014
Valentines Day with James
This year it was very fitting that James was working his cardiology rotation in downtown Phoenix. How many people get to say they worked on hearts on Valentine's Day? Well I guess cardiologists do that's who! It was not so fitting when his preceptor had him work late and his romantic surprise plans had to be canceled at the last minute. I quickly made chicken enchiladas for us and we watched a chick flick (The Vow) together. He still surprised me with gorgeous pink roses the day before and bought me a mini skillet to bake homemade pizookies! Yes we had pizookies for dessert. Again. It was still a great Valentine's Day. He says he will save his surprise dinner reservations for another romantic evening in the future. What a sweetie. Our gifts to each other are our iPhones coming to us on Tuesday. Hooray! He ordered the iPhone 5s in space gray and I ordered the iPhone 5c in pink. For James I made a list of 101 Reasons Why I Love You and gave that to him. The next day he surprised me with chocolates that spelled out "I ♥ You." Not our typical Valentine's Day but that's what happens when you're hubby's in medical school! Love you sweetheart!
Oh and the day before Valentines Day I made these delicious sugar cookie bars. They are the exact same consistency as sugar cookies, but instead of rolling out the dough laboriously you just spread the dough in a pan! So easy and SO addicting. Here is the recipe. You're welcome.


Fun Filled Friend Weekend!

 Sunday, February 2, 2014

Persian Food with our Persian Friends.
Our downstairs neighbors, Parisa & Pasha had us over for dinner and it was my first time trying authentic Persian food. We ate salad and pomegranate walnut chicken with jasmine rice. Everything was excellent, including their cute table spread. Our other Persian friend Ayda joined us as well. Ayda is James' friend from medical school, and we introduced her to Parisa & Pasha when we had our Halloween party. After dinner we went upstairs to our apartment for dessert. James made these delicious "Better Than Crack Brownies." They were a huge hit. 
 James & Chels, Ayda, Parisa & Pasha
You can find the recipe here.

Date night with our close friends The Jacksons. We tried a new restaurant, Blu Burger Grille. We all agreed that seriously, these burgers were chock full of flavor and completely mouthwatering. I built my burger with fried egg, bacon, and avocado while James built his with bacon, jalapenos, and onion rings. Ryan and Kelsey were super excited about their burgers too. We recommend the chipotle mayo sauce and sweet potato fries! After dinner we played games and ate dessert. We played the game I got James for Christmas, Deer in the Headlights, and then Phase 10 while we ate to-die-for pizookies. If you don't know what a pizookie is, you NEED to try one. Look them up. We loved every minute with these guys!
Church and then watched the Superbowl with the Omans. Jake made wings and little smokies and we ate chips & plenty of dip. I brought the Better Than Crack Brownies. Hailee & I drank beer...ROOT BEER y'all! I left to pick up Nicole & Taylee from the airport & took them home during the game and then I came back. We love spending time with Jake & Hailee & their pugs Allie May and Abbie! 


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