Last months in AZ

 Sunday, April 13, 2014

Another update according to photos from my phone. I love this thing. 

James and I had a study date. 
I made healthy egg white bites complete with spinach, green pepper, tomato, and avocado. 
A lunch date with my besties Ixchel & Rex at The Parlor Pizzeria after shopping at a Last Chance. 
The largest bowl of frozen yogurt-yes 60% of that are chocolate candy toppings. 
Bon Voyage Baby Shower for Carly! 
Look how cute James is. 
My girl Hailee.
The girls. Love them tons. 
The group. 
Proud of my long side braid. 
Love Kels and Hay. 
Janessa, Emma, Hailee, me, Carly, Cim, Kelsey, Jessica. 
Finally tried Ginger China Bistro by our place.
Baby shower for this lovely lady my good pal Emma! 
Black and teal family photo. We did not plan this! 
I love this girl so much. I'm gonna miss her! 
Tried a place called Fired Pie pizza and it was sooo good! $7 for a 10-11 inch custom made pizza. Think cafe rio/costavida/chipotle style but for pizza, then throw it in a fire and presto! Delish! 
James would go to this hole in the wall restaurant everyday for the rest of his life if he could. Place is called Hippies and they have INSANELY good food and service for only $5. Yes every meal is $5 including a drink and fries and it's not crappy fast food. It's the best. The fish tacos are epic. The owner is legendary. The location is sketchy but I didn't care too much after I tasted the fish tacos. After we ate here we went to the Phoenix zoo for free! 

The lion woke up and stretched for us. He looked like Aslan. 
We loved the monkey encounter. 
That weekend we also had a sleepover with our best friends. Rex is getting so big and so cute I just can't stand it. 
We went to Black Angus steakhouse, I made pumpkin waffles for breakfast, we went swimming (Rex loved splashing in the pool with James and then giving me freezing cold soaking wet hugs as Ixchel and I layed out), took Rex to see his first movie (Mr. Peabody and Sherman), and Ixchel and I went to the General Women's Meeting and got Yogurtolgy frozen yogurt afterward. Loved having them in town! 

We went hot tubbing with the Omans while we talked about our futures. 
I love where I work and I love the people I work with. I will miss them when we move in two weeks. They threw me a goodbye dinner party at Dillons restaurant.
Jocelyn, Sue, James, me, Carol, Mary, Justin, Brandon, Jean, Jodi. 
Than and James watched the Priesthood session of conference together while Ixchel, Rex and I went to Paradise Bakery with the girls for a farewell dinner since we are all moving in the next few months. Rex loved all the attention. 
The hubbies met us at Kate's house afterward for dessert. One of my favorite photos of the night was when Rex got to hold baby Golden (Kate's baby). So sweet. 
I just can't believe he's a little boy and not a baby anymore. 
Kelsey, Janessa, Ixchel, Cim, Hailee, Me, Carly, Kate. Missing Jess tonight. 
Loved every word of General Conference as always...with our traditional treats. 
We had FHE with the Battys and Killpacks complete with pizza, brownies & ice cream, a song, prayer, lesson by Whit, and NCAA basketball tournament for the activity. I couldn't resist snapping this pic of James holding sweet chubs baby Isaac. Adorable. 
I got a haircut. 3 inches off and my bangs are back!
I love my coworker Mary sooooo much!
Off to date night at Claim Jumper. We loved the food here! 
Love the Arizona sunsets. 
James is enjoying his surgery rotation!
I finally tried Abacus Inn Chinese food. I was thoroughly impressed. I'd be happy eating here for our New Years tradition. 
I made homemade salsa AND homemade tortilla chips. Pretty crafty eh? 
(Love the flower James gave me in the background.) 
P.s. If you haven't seen the movie Divergent yet, you must. I loved it! James and I went to see it with our good friends Ryan & Kelsey Jackson on Kelsey's birthday. 
Next post I will be living in Texas!!!!


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