February Flurries

 Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 1
After Fast Sunday at church we pigged out on chips & dip, salsa, oreos, and candy galore for the Super Bowl!
Katy Perry's half time show was pretty good. Roar!
February 2
It was National Frozen Yogurt Day so it was free at Yogurtland! We took Marissa to get some and it was sure yummy!
February 3
One word: Homework.
February 4
James took me to lunch at Zupa's (the one where Danielle used to work). That night we met up with two of James' old roommates from when we were dating, so I know these guys pretty well too. Jeremy and his wife Erika were so nice to have us in their home as they were packing it up to actually move to Phoenix, right by where we used to live! They have the cutest twin babies and we got to hold them! Cody joined us later that night and we talked for hours and ate no-bake cookies, m&m's and ice cream bars!
Cody, James, Jeremy, baby Lorraine
February 5
Grandma and Grandpa Keel stopped by! It was great to see them. Marissa & I made brownies and we watched Tangled together!
February 6
Tons of homework, but I was rewarded when James, Peter, Marissa, and I went to dinner at Cravings Bistro in Pleasant Grove where we ate the most delicious mac and cheese grilled cheese sandwich! It even had bbq brisket on it. DELISH! I wanna go back right now!
After, we saw Big Hero 6 at the $4 theater. Such a cute Disney movie! I kept thinking of Chan the whole time, not sure why!
February 7
James and I went to Salt Lake and walked around City Creek Mall! It has a creek running through the whole mall, so you're outside most of the time. It was perfect weather!
James' younger brother right underneath him, Jason, and his wife Natalie invited us to go to a Utah Jazz basketball game with them...BOX SEATS for FREE! It.Was.Awesome. They had Mexican food and dessert for us up in the suite and we had great seats relaxing in our soft chairs! It was a good game too. The Jazz won against the Sacramento Kings. Thank you Natalie & Jason for a great time!
February 8
James' older sister Holly & her husband Mike visited us from Murray and went to church with us. We had yummy pot roast for Sunday dinner and played games. Holly, Marissa, & I made Valentines. Steven and his girlfriend Kate came over and made chocolate chip cookies and we all watched James' favorite movie, Amazing Grace!
No they are not sleeping during church!
We had a hard time sleeping that night because February 9 we were looking forward to an email that would change our lives forever...
February 9
The email came at 5:50am, and we woke up at 6:50am to read the email saying that James matched to the emergency medicine residency at Kent Hospital in Warwick, Rhode Island! We were SOOO relieved and we are extremely excited!!! This was James' favorite program! We called our family, texted our friends, and announced it on Facebook & Instagram. We look so tired in this early  morning picture!
To celebrate, we ran errands, haha, then James surprised me and took me to this place called the Puppy Barn in American Fork! I was dying from all the cuteness!!!
The tiny Chorkie puppy loved me and fell asleep in my arms.
We really loved this one, but we didn't have $500 to spend that day.
February 10
We met up with our old dear friends Joey Whitaker and Ashley Isenhour! It was so awesome to catch up with them over dessert at The Chocolate!
February 11
Four years ago James proposed to me on this day! He surprised me with a gorgeous red rose! So sweet. Peter came over later and we had a nice chat and had hoagie sandwiches for dinner!
February 12
We went to Blue Lemon in Highland and met up with our besties from AZ, Hailee & Jake!
 It was unbelievably fun to catch up with them and celebrate both James and Jake matching! Jake matched general surgery in his favorite program at John C. Lincoln in Phoenix! So they get to stay in AZ which they wanted! We love them! Here we are laughing trying to take a selfie.
Then a man offered to take our picture. Thanks man.
February 13
On Friday the 13th we took the train into Salt Lake with Marissa & Mom (Chapman) to meet Dad (Chapman) since he was already there for the Roots Tech genealogy conference. We walked around Temple Square, had dinner at the Lion House Pantry (best rolls ever), and saw the movie Meet the Mormons at the Legacy theater. If you haven't seen the movie yet, GO SEE IT!
February 14
Happy Valentine's Day! James and I had a wonderful day together. He bought another rose for me, pink, and I was happy. He surprised me with Dove Chocolate, CRISPY M&M's (YES THEY ARE BACK!!!), and a beautiful love letter he wrote me. I have the best husband. I gave him some gifts too, but they are more like love coupons, like watching a whole soccer game with him, an hour long back scratch whenever he wants, etc.
We went shopping at RC Willey, Kohl's, Sports Authority, and at lunch at Macaroni Grill.
We walked around the Shops at Riverwoods. We especially liked the toy/candy shop there.
And Zion's Mercantile where we saw a letter from Helen Keller and this cute frame appropriate for Valentines Day.
Next we went to Bridal Veil Falls up Provo Canyon because it was a warm, beautiful day to take a short walk. We saw a man propose and a woman accept. We had our picture taken.
Dad made Mom a Spanish tortilla from his mission days, it was tasty! We kicked the soccer ball around with Marissa and I took this random video thinking of my family in Texas.
We didn't stick around too long though because we met up with Peter at Slab Pizza in Provo! I gave him a bag of Crispy M&M's too. He was thrilled.
James and I came home to cuddle and we watched Casablanca together!
February 15
Before church James, Marissa & I made heart shaped sugar cookies. After church we ate a heart shaped pizza for dinner and then decorated the cookies with Holly & Mike, Steven & Kate, Spencer, Peter, Marissa, and we missed Jason & Natalie who took a surprise romantic trip that Valentine's weekend. We played card games, then decided to watch Fantasia on VHS. Childhood memories remembered correctly, that movie is boring except for the centaur part!
Spencer, Steven, & Kate
Marissa, Holly, & Mike
Peter, James, Spencer
Mine are so pretty
James has a silly idea
"Make everyone believe that the decorated cookies are mine and the plain ones are yours!"
Who would believe that when there is pink frosting everywhere?
Brotherly love: Spencer & Steven
Sibling love-love my Pete!
I want pink hair.
Because who wouldn't want a naked baby angel to place doves on your head as a fashionable hat?
February 16
James and I watched Disney's Brave because we could.
February 17
Played basketball indoors with James and Marissa. We watched Toy Story 2 because we could. Had to be humbled when I read this for school:
February 18
I caught my first cold of the season. Not fun. I was bored so I played lots of Trivia Crack.
Oh and James and I created a Lay's potato chip flavor: Kimchi.
February 19
James and I went to see the Courgarettes in Concert! It has always been a dream of mine to be a Courgarette, but because I was only a visiting student at BYU, I never got that chance. It was a great show, and afterwards we got cookies from Sodalicious. They built it literally right next to Baywood, my old apartment complex where James and I dated!
February 20
My first time cleaning the church building in a long long time!
Dad, Steven, Marissa, Mom, James, Me
Shot some hoops afterwards. I made two shots! (That's a big deal folks)
February 21
My first snowfall of the season! We went to Deseret Book, Burlington Coat Factory, and Cookie Haven. We ate Grandma Keel's delicious homemade noodle soup to warm up!
February 22
We had meatloaf, twice baked potatoes, and cinnamon rolls for dessert! Peter came over (yay I love my brother!).
February 23
We finally picked up our Christmas present from my mom & dad at Deseret Book. We love this painting of Christ. Thanks, we love you!
February 24
Today was a rough day for me. Just so overwhelmed with homework! James made it better, and so did Ben & Jerry's!
February 25
Homework all day. My reward was watching Night at the Museum with James.
February 26
Homework all day. My reward was watching Iron Will with James.
February 27
Finished my homework for the day and got to relax when we had family over! Kyle & Emily & their cute kids came over and we all had a good time eating cookies and playing with stuffed animals! We also saw the lanterns being released into the night sky like in Tangled!
We were so entertained by baby Brooklyn!
She loved Spencer!
Floating Lanterns
February 28
We drove to Manti with Mom & Dad Chapman and Marissa to visit with Grandma Chapman. It was great to visit with her since it'd been almost 2 years since we last saw her. On the way home we stopped at Wheeler's for amazing burgers and milkshakes!
February has gone by so fast yet so slow--probably because of homework. I am looking forward to March because then we are that much closer to Spring!


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