March Madness

 Thursday, April 2, 2015

March 1
I said the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting today, but the program said my name was "Jessica Chapman." My father-in-law, the bishop, apologized for the error before I got up there. All day James was calling me Jessica. Haha! We went for a walk and enjoyed the sunset.
March 6
Date night with James to go see the movie McFarland. It was amazing! Afterward it was only fitting we ate Mexican food, so we had Costa Vida. Then we went to the BYU Bean Museum.That place is awesome! We show a live animal show too but it wasn't too special. After the museum we went to Yogurtland and watched The Big Bang Theory. Love date nights with my hubby!
March 7
James hiked 10 miles near Walsburg to see deer and elk and collect antlers with his dad and two brothers Spencer and Steven. My mother-in-law and I made a chicken cordon bleu casserole for them when they came home, and afterwards we went shopping for winter coats. Peter came over and we went to Costa Vida for dinner and then watched Mary Poppins!
More deer
Snowshoe hare
More elk...see if you can find them.
Mount Timpanogos
March 11
James and I went to the Mount Timpanogos temple to do sealings. We brought family names. We love the peace that comes from going to the temple.We went to Paradise Bakery for lunch afterwards, but for some reason it didn't taste as good as Arizona! Peter came over to the house to fix his car, then we watched Night at the Museum 3.
March 12
James was a victim of a crime today. Story: Peter drove James' old crappy Nissan back to Provo since he was working on his car at the house. The police chased a homeless man near his apartment complex who jumped over the railing and landed on the hood of the car making a major dent in it. We don't want to go through the hassle of trying to make him pay for the damages since he is homeless and we wouldn't get much for it anyway haha. Later James and I met up with old friends Dan Nelson & Tycee Brown Shake at Yogurtland. It was great to see them! 
March 13
Date night: Wild Zucchini Grill in American Fork. James said, "It's like a birthday party in my mouth!" Haha. We went to Thanksgiving Point and walked around the emporium, saw baby goats, sheep, llamas, etc. Then we shared a brownie sundae and sat by the fire. When we got home we watched the fireworks in the back yard from the new IMAX theater opening. 
March 14
Woke up at 5:30am and drove to Arches National Park near Moab with James and Peter. Spencer brought like 10 friends in the mini van too. We hiked a total of 7 miles, and saw 6 arches. It was a hard hike for Peter and I, but James didn't mind. At the end of the day we were sore, tired, and sunburned. We ate at Cracker Barrel after burning a million calories. We deserved the yummy food.
Balancing Rock
Delicate Arch
Peter resting under Delicate Arch
This is when we got sunburned.

Landscape Arch
Navajo Arch
View from Partition Arch
Partition Arch

Double O Arch
March 15
I practiced the piano today! WHAT? It's been probably at least 7 years since I've played. I can still play Choose the Right, Praise to the Man, and Sweet Hour of Prayer. Hooray! After church, Steven & Kate came over and we did Disney puzzles and ate stuffed cheese pasta shells and chocolate chip cookies. Oh and the Home Teachers came over.
March 16
Mom & Dad Chapman, Marissa, James, Peter & I went to Provo Cemetery to visit my Grandma Dianne's & Uncle David's grave. Quick background: Dianne & David died due to a car accident when my mom was 3, almost 4 years old. Both my mom & Aunt Nina were in the car during the accident but they were not hurt. We wanted to visit on the anniversary of her death, but Peter was leaving early to go to Texas so we went before. It was very special for us to be there together. Afterward we went to the mall and Dad & James got new suits at Mr. Mac in the mall. Because there was an awesome deal going on, James got a new suit for only $1!
March 17
Because Peter was leaving early, we celebrated his birthday early! James and I took him out to dinner at El Azteca (SO good), then we came home to sing & have cake with the family. I made him his favorite chocolate peanut butter torte cake. Then we went to see McFarland again, Peter's first time, and he loved it too! Seriously folks, go see this movie! We came home to work on more Disney puzzles...Happy Early Birthday Pete (March 25 he turns 23). 
March 18
Went to lunch with some of the med school wives that are in Utah! We met at Zupa's Cafe at Thanksgiving Point. It was also Kate Wood's birthday-Happy Birthday Kate! It was great catching up with them! Later that day Grandma & Grandpa Keel came over and we recorded them talking about their childhood for family history.
Kate & Elliot & Golden Wood, Emma & Oak Beckstead, Cim & Andersen Willis, Chels
March 19
James enjoying March Madness basketball binge watching haha. His allergy immunology rotation helped him have a super flexible schedule so he could do that!
March 20
Because Marissa got her grades up and had the day off from school, James took her out for lunch at JCWs, they went to Target, and to the Bean Museum and met up with Steven. I went shopping at JCPenny's for dresses and a new CHI flat iron (after 8 years mine finally broke). As a family we went to Fashion Place mall in Murray to see the huge LEGO models of the United States buildings and monuments. Holly & Mike met us there and it was cool to see how many lego pieces were used to build them! 
Shasta the Liger
Steven & Marissa 
Independence Hall
Old North Church
The Capitol
Mom & Marissa 
Statue of Liberty 
The White House
Lincoln Memorial
Abe Lincoln
March 21
James and I had lunch at our friends' Sun & Jihae's house! Sun & James served their missions in Korea together. We ate amazing Korean food & I made brownies. Their kids Lei & Jaden are so cute!
March 22
After church we celebrated Dad Chapman's birthday (early, his is on the 25th too!) with a family dinner. We had so much delicious food and played games. Happy Birthday to Dad!
March 24
James and I met up with our good friends Chad & Nicole Edwards at Bombay House in Provo! It was my first time tasting real restaurant Indian food and I adored it! I want to go back now! We loved catching up with them & devouring our chicken tikka masala & garlic naan. Afterwards James & I went to the BYU library to find a copy of Dianne's car accident newspaper article that was on microfilm. We found it & also her obituary. I felt close to her as her anniversary was two days before and I visited her grave the previous week. Afterward we went to the Wilk and bought a rice krispy treat from the CougarEat that I've wanted ever since I first got one in 2008 my freshman year! It wasn't as good as I remembered, but I finally satisfied that craving!
March 29
James and I arrived in Glendale, AZ the night of the 28th. We are staying with our good friends Trevor & Whitney Batty for 2 weeks while James does a radiology rotation. We are so excited to be with them & see our AZ friends!


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