4th Annual Hallows Eve Dessert Party

 Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's a tradition for James and I to host a halloween dessert party in honor of when we first met at a halloween party. This year we had 30 people in our home and it was so much fun! Costumes were optional, so some families dressed up and some didn't (we didn't). The evening was filled with yummy desserts, catching up with friends, and laughing at the cute kiddos. Here are the pictures to prove it:
 Dessert Table Display
 Halloween Decor
 Halloween addition to my coffee filter wreath
 The only picture of just the two of us at the party and it's blurry and I'm wearing my tiara....oh well.
 Halloween Puppy Chow
 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
 Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies
 Delicious peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes that my dear friend Sara made.
 Halloween cake brought by our downstairs neighbors and pumpkin bars brought by Jenna. The skull is fitting for not just halloween but also for all the medical students at the party.
 If I gave out costumes awards I think the Willis family would win! They made super cute superheroes!
 Rachel & Danny + baby girl.
 Liz & Chase...they have dinosaur hoodies.
 Kate & Elliott (we missed Adam) + baby boy.
 Tired Rex. I love when he cuddles me. 
 Our besties Than & Ixchel & Rex
 I LOVE this picture. Two Cinderellas & one Nacho Libre. Eliza & Claire look angelic while Rex looks mischievous.
 The boy chasing the girls while cute prego mamas chat.
 Millie & Spencer + baby.
 Good friends Jenna & Luke & Eliza + baby boy.
 Kent & Cim & Anderson.
 Dear friends Trevor & Whitney & Claire + baby girl.
 Princess Claire & Princess Chelsea.
 Curious George...I mean Rex. (Dad will get the reference).
 Janessa & Nathan.
 Kelsey & Ryan.
James friend Ayda from school!
 Sara my dance bestie
 "we're dancers"
 Our downstairs neighbors Parisa & Pasha! Parisa is a dental student and her hubby Pasha has only been in the U.S. for 5 months!
The cutest Nacho Libre you will ever see.
Oh and please enjoy this priceless video of Rex saying my name over and over because we are all laughing at his cuteness and he loves being the center of attention. He usually will give me kisses and say I love you and goodbye but this time he keeps saying my name "Cheshee" over and over. He says "bye" towards the end of the video. We couldn't stop laughing. We.love.Rex.
That concludes this year's Chapman Halloween Dessert Party! Until next year!
Check out the blog post of our party last year with details of the previous years here.


Pumpkin Patch Date

 Sunday, October 20, 2013

This past Friday's Date Night James and I went to Tolmachoff Farms in downtown Glendale to hang out at the pumpkin patch & explore the corn maze. 
 petting zoo fun
 pumpkin patch
 corny pictures

 corn maze
 We finished the 60 min. corn maze in under 30 mins with only two clues instead of six! We were pretty darn proud of ourselves.
 how tall this season?
 Can you find James?
For dinner we tried a new restaurant from the show Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives: La Piazza al Forno in downtown Glendale. Oh.my.word. was this good! James had "the stallion" pizza (meat lovers) and I had the four cheese ravioli. Excellent food, excellent service, we were very impressed. 
To complete the night we rented from Redbox the movie Now You See Me. We both liked the movie & found the magic tricks & story line intriguing! Of course we ate Bluebell ice cream with our movie. 
Have a great weekend! 


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