Trip to AZ for the Phoenix Temple Open House

 Sunday, October 19, 2014

I miss Arizona. Mostly I miss how James and I spent our first 3 years of marriage living there. I miss our friends and the sunsets! So many memories were made there during James' first 3 years of medical school. That's why I was ECSTATIC to visit for the Phoenix Temple Open House!!!!
Saturday, October 11th
Nicole picked me up from the airport and we had lunch at our favorite spot Paradise Bakery. I was so excited to see her & her cute girls Taylee & Brinley. We forgot to take a photo, but I was loving this:
Meanwhile, James was catching up with Nicole's husband, Chad, in Las Vegas for a medical conference/residency fair.
Nicole dropped me off at the Phoenix Temple parking and I met my
 old co-workers work friends amazing work family 
to take the shuttle to the Phoenix Temple Open House!
I was in heaven being with them in the most sacred place on earth.
I know they too loved every moment of it.
I'm so thankful we were reunited and had an amazing experience at the temple.
Carol & her husband Charlie, me, Mary, Jean, and Jodi & baby Reaghan. We missed Sue!
After the temple me, Mary, Jean, Jodi & baby Reaghan went to Olive Garden. For some reason I was really loving this:
My experience at the temple and catching up with my dear friends made me feel like I was home
I love them so much and I am so blessed to have them in my life. 
Jodi dropped me off at my good friend Whitney's house to spend the night. Whit and I had tons of catching up to do & had so much fun doing it!
Sunday, October 12th
Went to church with the Batty's. Claire & Emma are getting so big and so cute! I became Claire's new best friend. She is so sweet! We did puzzles together.
That night I walked across the street to Jenna's house. We had the best time catching up over chocolate and Once Upon a Time episodes.
We also died laughing during the flashback to Prince Charming's past...
His hair. Is.Gross.
Seriously love Jenna & her cute kids Eliza & Isaac. 
Monday, October 13th
Brunch with the girls at Whit's house! Nicole, Jenna, Whit, me, & the kids.
You can't tell because the photo is blurry, but we had the best food!
After food comas and naps, we went to the Phoenix Temple Open House!
Ixchel came from work and I hugged her like crazy. It's hard being away from your bff.
The temple was amazing of course, and the kids loved it. I loved Taylee's reaction when we entered the celestial room. Her "wow" was priceless.
Jenna & Eliza & Isaac, Nicole & Taylee & Brinley, Ixchel, Whitney & Claire & Emma, and me.
I love her!
This photobooth was so fun! I love Eliza's face haha!
We ate dinner at Zupa's! Guess what I was loving?
I've had soup 3 times in the past 2 days! It must be fall!
Ixchel drove back to Mesa with me in the front seat! I gave Rex the biggest squeeze ever when I saw him! He still remembers me and no longer calls me "Che-shee" but "Chow-see." He's so grown up!
Tuesday, October 14th
Spent the day with my bff. 
We went to Last Chance of course. The discounted Nordstrom store.
Scored the best deals. I saved about $400. Of course. I shop with the master Last Chance shopper!
Rex is no longer a baby! He's a little boy! He's 2.5 going on 7. I love him!
We ate lunch at Pizzeria Bianco.
Naps later, we met our dear friend Kelsey for dinner at Costa Vida for Taco Tuesday!
I love her! We agreed it was a "breath of fresh air" to see one another!
Rex was a little crazy when we got home...
After we put Rex to bed, Ixchel and I made an ice cream run to Baskin Robbins!
Wednesday October 15th
We went to Kneaders for breakfast of course.
We went swimming, Rex's favorite activity. Ok more like we tanned and he swam.
We napped. 
She drove me to the airport :(
Rex gave me a squeeze goodbye and besos (kisses). 
I probably won't see them again until March or April! Sad day.
Thank you to all my best friends for making this trip an absolute dream for me!
I love y'all!


Chapino Wedding

James' younger brother Jason Chapman, the one born right after him, got married to Natalie Pino on October 10 in Merced, California! I was so happy to be at the Chapino wedding. James was Jason's best man, and he looked so dashing in a tux.
Thursday, October 9th
 Rehearsal Dinner
 Friday, October 10th
Breakfast at Country Waffle
 Yes, that is a peanut butter banana waffle. Yes, it was delicious.
Father of the Groom, Best Man, Groom, Groomsmen. 
The Chapman boys (missing Elder Preston Chapman)
 I just happened to match the tuxes. 
 James helping cute Karter the ring bearer.
 My in-laws, the Father and Mother of the Groom
Grandma & Grandpa Keel, the grandparents of the Groom
Jason smiles as he first sees Natalie
"Here comes the Bride"
Karter, James, Steven
Haha so cute
The vows begin
You may now kiss the bride!
Karter is one handsome little guy
Mr. & Mrs. Pino-Chapman!
Proud Brothers
A day full of emotions
James couldn't keep a straight face for the "serious" pose
So happy for these two.
Yes I know my husband is hot.
Siblings. Missing Holly, Danielle, and Preston.
Groomsman Spencer
Groomsman Steven
Best Man James walking with style
Mr. & Mrs.
Head Table
I love the pumpkins.
We absolutely loved being part of Jason & Natalie's special day!

For the family who didn't hear James' toast to Jason & Natalie, here ya go!


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