Happy Birthday Mom & Texas Trip

 Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Mom! 
I love you!
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I made these Chocolate & Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies today in honor of Mom's birthday and yum are they delicious! 

James was sweet enough to think of one of the best birthday presents ever for me. A trip to Texas to see my amazing family! He found roundtrip tickets for $77 each. EACH!!! Of course Spirit airlines charges for everything, but for the price of everything it wasn't too bad & we enjoyed a great few days with my family! Here are the highlights of our trip:

We surprised Chan & Pi with a game of Bean Boozled. Yep we all ate these jelly beans:
If you have time you must watch these hilarious videos of us eating these babies!

The first night we went out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant San Lorenzo's.

That night Dad introduced the movie Captain America to us in preparation for The Avengers. We really enjoyed Captain America & are stoked to see The Avengers soon!
I was so sad that he couldn't go on his first date with her!

On Sunday we went to church & Pi & I took some pictures with her cute dog Paxton! 

Haha so cute Paxton!

Then we enjoyed a delicious Fakkel barbecue! James helped Dad with hot dogs & chicken on the grill & Mom made her scrumptious macaroni salad. Don't forget the chips & crystal light! 
We also ate a yummy chocolate cake in celebration of my birthday on the 10th & Mom's birthday on the 27th!
 Piper made me a cute card and this pretty bracelet!
Thanks Pi I LOVE it!

On Monday we had the most wonderful day ever! 
James and I took Chandler & Piper out for breakfast at IHOP! 

We enjoyed ourselves at the BEACH!!! Stewart Beach in Galveston isn't the most gorgeous beach ever, but the water was so warm & we swam in the ocean for quite a while! Fish were jumping everywhere! We all loved riding the waves & diving into them whenever we could. We ate a picnic lunch (including my childhood favorite--nectarines at the beach!). 

Straight from the beach we headed to a surprise birthday present from my parents to me (and mom's birthday present from daddy)...Moody Gardens Resort!
We've been here before (minus James) for one of my dance competitions long ago & just loved it! 
Mom & Dad got a room for us there to get ready for dinner after we enjoyed ourselves at the gorgeous pool! The pool was SOOO relaxing and very fun after our swim at the beach. We washed all the saltwater & sand off of us and replaced it with the chlorine smell instead! Haha. The weather was so sunny & nice & the pool was the right temp to be refreshing. Mom & Pi ordered a virgin pina colada & James & I practiced back flips (me jumping off us hands backwards into the pool). Dad relaxed with us too & Chan decided to relax in our hotel room watching Pawn Stars & working on his graffiti art in the notepad he got at Walgreens. We all had a blast!

After a long day in the sun we all got ready for dinner in the hotel room. Pi & I took pictures of course :)

DELICIOUS dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse! Thanks Mom & Dad!
James and I LOVE going here every  time we're in Texas.

Old historic buildings in downtown Galveston...GORGEOUS!
I want to live in the last one.
Haha Chan
My two favorite girls

On our last day Mom had to work and Chan had school but Dad, Pi, James & I went to see the matinee showing of The Hunger Games!
James loves Gale for Katniss
I just can't decide...I love both!
 We'd all seen it before but we went back to see it a second time and we loved it just as much if not more! Haymitch is way funnier this time around! Best line from Haymitch:

We absolutely loved every moment spent with the family in Texas. Love and miss ya'll already! Thanks for a wonderful trip! 
James & Chels


Happy Mother's Day!

 Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Shana Fakkel
~Beautiful in every way~
~Incredibly smart & talented~
~Hard-working & dedicated~
~Wonderful wife, mother, & friend~
Dear Mom,
Thank you for being the most amazing mother.
You inspire me to one day be as great of a mother as you are to Pete, Chan, Pi, & me.
Thank you for all that you do for me. Thank you for your example, your testimony, and your love. I love you so much.
Love, Your Daughter,

Other mothers in my life...

Brenda Chapman
Mother In-Law
~Caring & Kind~
~Admirable Homemaker~
~Loves the gospel~
~Friend to everyone~
~Loves her children~
~Beautiful mother & wife~
Dear Mom,
Thank you for being such a caring mother. I love talking with you. I wish we could visit more often. Thank you for being an example to me in raising your family in the gospel. Thank you for raising a son who I love very much. You are a wonderful & beautiful person. I love you.
Love, Your Daughter in-law,

Your Son loves you too!

Judith Fakkel
Grandmother aka Nana
~Loves her family~
~Excellent cook~
~Funny-I love our inside jokes~
~Elegant & Classic & Beautiful~
~Awesome New England/Boston accent~
~Wonderful grandmother, mother, & wife~
Dear Nana,
I love our close relationship. Thank you for being a fantastic grandmother & friend to me. I learn so much from you every time we talk & visit. You are an example to me & I love having you in my life. I love you very much.
With Love, Your Granddaughter, 

Brenda Lewis
Grandmother aka Cita
~Beautiful grandmother, wife, & mother of 15~
Dear Cita,
I admire you so much. You are an incredible example to mothers everywhere. Your strength & faith in the gospel & in the Savior is unwavering. You will be an amazing missionary. I love you dearly.
Love, Your Granddaughter,
She is a friend to everyone, including James' grandmother, Grandma Keel

We love you Grandma Keel & Grandma Chapman!

Happy Mother's Day~we love you!!!


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