Christmas 2014

 Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Eve
After all the last minute Christmas preparations, we were all starving so we all went out to Chicken Express for dinner. Seriously the chicken there is so good. Don't mind Piper's pano photo face distortion.
We gave this sweet doggy a bath!
 He was tolerant.
 Here we are decorating the Ugly Christmas sweater cookies Piper won at her friend's party.
 Peter decorated the detached head, and James decorated the sweater.
 We each decorated a sweater cookie: Piper, Peter/James, Chelsea, Dad, Mom, Piper again, and Chandler.
 The finished products
Our Christmas Eve tradition: watch It's A Wonderful Life with cheeseball & crackers, toffee & fudge
Afterward we read the story of Christ's birth in Luke 2. You can read it with beautiful pictures here.
Take 2 minutes and watch this amazing video about how He, Jesus Christ, is the gift of Christmas. 
Together on Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Our view on Christmas morning:
Paxton was super excited just like the rest of us!
After opening our stockings we devoured the yummiest cinnamon rolls, another tradition. This year we also made Grandpa's homemade banana bread in muffin form.
 Paxton was loving all his new toys!
After getting ready for the day we started opening our gifts!
 Here are a few photos of the fam opening gifts
 Peter got super nice mixing bowls from Piper
 Chan got his PS4. I love how the box says "may contain awesome."
 Piper really wanted Cinderella on DVD! It's her favorite Disney movie!
 We gave Chandler a box of chocolates...
 With a surprise under some of them...
 Dollar coins!
He's a rich man now!
I figured it was about time for James to own his favorite book that he's read 10+ times.
 Pax was in love with his new toys. He got so many popsicles and duckies!
After we exchanged presents we went over to Nana & Grandpa's house for Christmas dinner and more presents.
Their Christmas decor is always impeccable. 
Nana arranged everything including this gorgeous fruit bowl.
 Nana bid on this Christmas wreath years ago at one of my dance fund raisers!
 Photo with Mom
 Photo with Dad
 My Christmas dinner. I had more green beans I swear, but I ate most of them before I took the picture so they wouldn't get cold!
The present opening began all over again! Here's a picture of my pretty poinsettia hair clip Nan gave me.
 James was so grateful to have the Kenneth Cole bag to carry during residency. 
 Mom was in desperate need of new silverware. She's so pretty.
 Paxton sits like a king, all worn out from the excitement.
 Chan looks dashing in his new jacket.
 My nana looking gorgeous as she opens a gift from James and me.
 When we purchased the first snow baby antique while we were in Gruene, we found another one from a different antique dealer and bought that one for Nan!
 Nana is proud of us :)
 Here is the painting my dad did for Nana & Gramps. They absolutely loved it! To view more of my dad's artwork, go here!
 Homemade Desserts: lemon meringue pie, cherry pie, chocolate chip cookies, fudge, almond butter cookies, peanut butter cookies, cheeseball & crackers.
 Nana & Grandpa gave James and me a beautiful Santa. Paxton was a little concerned about it.
 He was so uncertain! He kept smelling Santa and walking away from him looking all cautious. It was so hilarious & cute!
We had a wonderful Christmas with our family. We are so thankful for them and love them so much!
Merry Christmas!


Family Christmas Photos 2014

 Thursday, December 25, 2014


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