July 2016

 Friday, April 28, 2017

July 1
 Been babysitting lots. Dogs & kiddos.
July 2
 We moved all our kitchen stuff to the basement (door is off the kitchen) in preparation for the remodel.
July 3
 Patriotic Sunday Family Photo

 Piper & Dad are here!
 Sunset drive to Sharon, Massachusetts where Dad grew up.
Traditional fireworks on the lake in Sharon
James giving Nala some love once we got home.
July 4

 Before the demolition
 Goodbye to the annoying dishwasher that has to be hooked up by a hose to the sink to function.
 Dad & James getting ready to demo.
 Demo Day on the 4th of July!
 Meanwhile Piper and I are at Girl's Camp for our church in New Hampshire.
 They surprised the young women with fireworks on the lake!
 My Laurel McKenna
Piper & me
July 5
I decorated my girls' cabins.
July 6
 Piper and I doing crafts together. That's her favorite scripture that she made a picture frame out of Popsicle sticks.
July 7
 Hannah who is my beehive (now Mia Maid) doing CPR certification
 The skit that my group of 4th year campers put on.
 One of them wore a wedding dress and used the flowers I brought both as props.
They appreciated the glow sticks we gave them.
July 8
 Piper, me, Thara (my 18 year old level leader partner), Sierra
Thara, Rosa (level leader over 3rd years), Sierra (YCL in my group), me, Kelly (4th year girl in my group).
July 9
 Meanwhile at home Nala is loving the kitchen demo scraps.
 On our drive home Hannah put eyeshadow on her eye and it looked like a black eye!
We stopped at Wendy's for some lunch! Piper, Kaylee, Hannah, Crystal, Bielka, me.
Here are the rest of the Girl's Camp photos that were taken by other people, I don't remember the dates.
 Piper was a YCL (Youth Camp Leader) over the First Year Campers.
Piper is on the left behind the first year camper. This is her group & my Beehive Kaylee is in the group as well as her mom Bielka who is my first counselor.
 Fireworks on the dock
 My laurel Mckenna on the High Adventure trip.
 My Beehive (then, now she's a Mia Maid) Hannah
 One of the 4th year campers I was in charge of as 4th Year Level Leader.
 I'm 3rd from the right leading the campers in "Mormon Boy" camp song.
 Zion's Camp in Raymond, New Hampshire

 Getting ready to lead the hike, I'm on the right in the blue shirt.
 Bielka, Sierra, Thara, me, Piper
 One of the 4th year campers in my group.
Piper and Bielka were in charge of the first year campers together.
 The YCLS. McKenna is 2nd from the left and Piper is 1st on the right.
 I got heat stroke in the middle of the week despite all the water I drank, so I'm in the nurse's cabin.
 Playing a game with the campers. I'm in the pink on the left.
Everyone at Girl's Camp, including leaders. I'm next to Piper in the very back row, left/middle, you can see my bun sticking up. 

July 10
Recovering from Girl's Camp. It was exhausting, hot, buggy, and had some very not fun parts to it. But there were also some rewarding times. Oh and I did archery for the first time and I shot a rifle at a target. Swimming in the lake. Good food. Made friendships. 

July 11
 Nala resting. Our kitchen cabinets were put in while I was at Girl's Camp! Dad & his best friend Mark who lives in Falmouth, MA who is a licensed contractor installed the cabinets and James installed the floor!
 Just finished my workout.
July 12
 Looks so much better. Can't wait for the backsplash to be put in.
 Healthy meal and healthy workout.
Nala goose.
July 13
She's in time out I guess.
July 14
Sweating from my workout.
July 15
Healthy food: cucumber, pear, chicken.
 Finished my workout.
 Eggs and broccoli.
 Nala loves cardboard.
July 16
 We went to a 1 year old birthday party for Juniper Wood, our friends Landon & Brittany's daughter.
 Nala is resting because it's so dang hot and humid out.
 I tried to sell some of our things at a yard sale that the family I babysit for was hosting.
 It was SO humid but Logan seemed to have fun playing with his old toys.
Piper & Nala relaxing together. Poor Piper got sick after Girl's Camp.
July 17
James is so cute with Nala.
Haha love Piper!
July 18
Healthy breakfast.
July 19
I love the funny way Nala sits.
Babysitting Zoe and singing her Girl's Camp songs that get stuck in my head.
 This girl is going to be a ballet dancer, or she won't get to because her toes will be crushed before she's even 8 years old.
This is why we named our dog Nala. Fast forward to 0:30 and watch through the end.
 I'm the queen of babysitting.
 Healthy dinner.
 Selfies after each workout.
Nala found this toy hiding under the couch!
July 20
 This part in the book I Am That Girl my coach gave me describes me 100%!
 My child.
 My sister with my child.
Nala loves Piper.
James is the best when it comes to playing with our pup.
 Time for a bath! Nala hates it.
 Fresh and clean.
 She's a bit pampered.
 Healthy meal.
 Best friends with James.
 She met another friend while on our walk. Shannon is the husky that lives in the neighborhood over from us.
July 21
 Inspirational; quote & the pattern of a new dress I bought for cheap.
We took Piper to Newport Creamery. She had the chicken tenders of course. Beautiful smile.
 James got a burger with bbq sauce & onion rings of course.
 I got the mac and cheese burger of course.
 Chillin in the shade.
 I mean COME ON how CUTE is she!?!?!
July 22
 Resting on James' head.
Babysitting Logan.
 After my workout.
 Nala is exhausted from it too.
July 23
 Always finds the cutest ways of resting.
 I turned my back for 2 seconds and she started ripping up this bag & the receipt.
Finished another workout.
McKenna & her mom Crystal with me at the Pioneer Day activity.
July 24
My young women and I stayed after church for Kaylee's sister's baptism. Hannah, Lexi, Kenna, Piper, me. Kaylee is sitting in the front with her family.
 Kaylee was so cute speaking at Sadie's baptism. She didn't realize the stop sign was upside down.
Sadie & her parents. Bielka is in YW with me and Aaron is in the bishopric.
We enjoyed lunch at their house after.
Baptism Girl Sadie Welles.
 Nala follows him everywhere.
 Gorgeous Piper in her new white lace dress.
 We played Dominoes together. Haha James.
 About to play Uno.
 Nice rubberband earring James.
 Nala is not amused.
 Domino champion.
July 25
Such a cheeser.
 Workout done!
 Salad made!
 Meanwhile Piper went to her first EFY in Albany with McKenna & McKenna's cousins!
July 26
Can you spot Nala?
 "Smore" Personal Progress Activity.
 Young Women activity in my backyard with Bielka, Kaylee, & Hannah, & me. Oh and Nala.
 Nala wants my salad desperately.
 Had to show this picture again because COME ON!
Babysitting Zoe.
Nala wondering why I'm taking a picture.
 Guess she had a problem with it.
 Is she playing dead? Haha.
Motivational quote.
Workout complete.
July 27
Yep I exercised again.
 James & Nala.
 James & I went on a date to downtown Wickford. We grabbed grinders at The Place.
 Sat on the bench where my Nana & Gramps used to go.
 Beautiful day.
 Had ice cream at Shayna's Place.
 Love going on dates with my husband!
July 28
Today I officially became a Beachbody Coach!
This photo was taken in 2008 in Miami when I went on my senior trip.
 Finished exercising, Day 1 of Coaching!
July 29
Finished another workout, yes I'm wearing the same top as yesterday.
 One of my best friends Casey just had her first baby and named her Logan Keira!
 I flew to California for my aunt's wedding. I stayed in a hotel with my parents in downtown San Diego, and this was the view from the hotel room.
July 30
We woke up and had a healthy breakfast at Subway.
 We witnessed the sealing of my aunt Misti who is my age, and her new husband Marcus.
 Marcus & Misti Camden.
Me with  my mom & her mom, my grandma I call Cita.
 Cita & Mom. Mother & Daughter.
 The San Diego Temple is a dream!
 My mom and me with her sister Shae. 
 My aunt Kara & me. I love that my mom is 2nd oldest of 15 kids, so I have a lot of aunts around my age!
 Kara is pregnant with twins!
Haha I'm on the top right.
 We left the temple to refresh ourselves with some gelato. My parents on the right, me & my aunt Nina. Nina is my mom's older sister, she's the oldest of 15.
 Kara, Misit, Chelsea. We are so close in age, and we spent summers together growing up.
July 31
Found a yoga room at the airport and a healthy salad! 
 My best friend from med school, Ixchel, she happened to be in Utah so she picked me up from the airport and I got to see her and her two boys Rex & Eli!
 Had to show the progression of Rex jumping haha.
 Love them.
 Arrived at my in-laws and my future sister-in-law Kate had a burn on her arm so my mother-in-law squeeze orange juice on it haha.
 I wonder if it helped.
 We love relaxing in the front yard together. My parents-in-law, my sister in-law Danielle, brother-in-law Spencer. James isn't there yet.
Stayed tuned for the next post August 2016! James and I are attending the wedding of his brother Steven to Kate in the Provo City Center Temple!


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