finally finished finals

 Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wahoo! James has finished his finals for this quarter! He took his last final exam on Friday and boy were we happy! He did very well this semester if I do say so myself. So proud of my man! Here's what we did on Friday...
1) We bought a car.
2) We decided to move to a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in our complex.
3) We went out for dinner & made dessert with our friends Jake & Hailee Oman.
Great day, right? 

We have been looking at buying a new (used) car so that we have a second car for when James begins his rotations (in July). It is a 2012 Ford Focus that we found in Utah! So guess where James is now? On an airplane flying to Utah...I know, I know, I JUST got him back and now he's gone again. But no worries, he will be back on Tuesday with our new car!

 It's crazy and a little scary to make grown up decisions sometimes. Same goes with transferring to a bigger apartment. The prices are down right now, so we'd only be paying $60-$80 more a month to live in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. Right now we are living in the smallest model Sagestone has, so we are excited to be getting a little bit more space. We probably won't move until the middle/end of March. Again, another grown up decision, and it's bittersweet because we will be moving on from our first home together! 
It was SO nice to have a date night with the Omans! We have been wanting to get together with them since we both moved into the ward at the same time because James & Jake are in the D.O. program together, and Hailee & I just clicked. We've had such busy schedules that we never got together just the four of us (we've all hung out together in a big group). We went to Chili's for dinner, then came back to the Oman's apartment (they live in Sagestone too, in the 2 bedroom model we are looking at), and made pizookies! If you don't know what a pizookie is, you are missing out on one of the most delicious desserts ever. A warm chocolate chip cookie baked in a little skillet in the oven covered with ice cream and hot fudge! They were so rich and scrumptious! They introduced us to the tv show The Big Bang Theory & we were laughing like crazy. It was so good to see the boys relax and have a good time. Thanks Jake & Hailee for an awesome night!
Saturday, after I got off work, James and I went to Last Chance to buy some Ecco shoes for his dad. I bought some dark lavender tights there for only 97 cents and wore them to church today! We also browsed around at Marshalls and Bed, Bath, & Beyond because we were feeling inspired by our new soon-to-be apartment. We came home to eat Korean food & watch Taken 2. Friday we had gone to the Korean market and bought Mandu (Korean potstickers), Nongshim Onion Rings (like Funions), Aloe Vera juice, Pepero Almond (Korean version of Japanese Pocky cookie sticks), and Korean Ramen. We ate the Mandu, Aloe Vera juice, and Pepero (the onion ring chips were eaten and gone on Friday they were so good haha). We enjoyed watching Taken 2! I think I liked the first one better, just because you weren't expecting what would happen. That was our relaxing night!
James will be back on Tuesday with the new car, I will be busy with work and school and cub scouts, and then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday we will be gone on vacation! Stay posted for an update next week!

P.S. James just got called to be on the Scout Committee. I am now a Cub Scout Den Leader over Bears, and James is on the Scout Committee and being an assistant coach to the ward basketball team! Oh and we are still the ward librarians until they release us...yay for ward callings!


Valentine's Day 2013

 Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013 included:
♥ James surprising me with pretty red roses, lavender daisies & lavender carnations, a big heart shaped box of Russell Stover chocolates, and a bag of my favorite Dove Chocolates with the caramel centers! Thanks babe!
♥ Crazy school day for me, crazy school day for James
♥ Decorated heart shaped sugar cookies given to us by our friends Sam & Emma Beckstead, thanks y'all!
♥ Free movie popcorn for our matinee showing of Safe Haven, the new Nicholas Sparks movie based on the book which I have read. We both liked this movie! Very romantic for V-Day :)
♥ Homemade gift exchange between my hubby and me. I gave him 2 photo books made from Shutterfly & he wrote me the sweetest love letter I have EVER received in my entire life. It made me cry and fall in love with my husband even more if that is even possible. I LOVE you James!


celebrating valentines day early

 Monday, February 11, 2013

This year we decided to celebrate Valentines Day early because James has final exams in 2 weeks and needs to be studying as much as possible this weekend. So this last Saturday we went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was James' first time and he really liked his burger & fries...of course he would order a burger & fries. That's what makes him my James. After devouring 4 bread baskets in 20 minutes, I felt pretty good that I decided to try their "skinnylicious" menu. I ordered the white chicken chili. I did not like it as much as my recipe, but it had an interesting spicy flavor that reminded me of Moroccan chicken (even though I have never had real Moroccan chicken before, just the Pinterest crockpot recipe which was an epic fail). We did not order any dessert, and definitely didn't order any cheesecake because we are not cheesecake lovers. Then why did we go to The Cheesecake Factory? It just seemed to have a Valentine's ambiance to it...even though when we got there it was crazy crowded & loud. I'm making it seem like we didn't have a good time, but really we did. I promise! We had fun just catching up and being out. I wore my new dress that I bought from downeast basics that I absolutely love. We walked around the mall afterward to find costume tanks for the dancers in my dance practicum. No such luck, but I did order some sparkly tanks from Charlotte Russe online when we got home. We ate Reeses chocolate hearts & watched The Office. It was so nice to just relax and cuddle and talk. The pictures also show us in our Valentines Day Sunday church outfits~I am wearing my beautiful new dress again! Our plans for Thursday include ordering a free Papa John's pizza & going to see the movie Safe Haven~a romantic movie for Valentines Day! Until then, have a great week filled with love! 

Here are the tanks I chose for my dance practicum costumes. The dancers will probably wear black leggings with them.
 Also, 2 years ago today I...

1) had my first candlelight dinner

2) saw the sleeping beauty ballet 

3) put the most gorgeous ring on my finger

4) said yes to my handsome best friend & became engaged to the love of my life

I love you James!


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