5th Annual Hallow's Eve Dessert Party Halloween 2014

 Sunday, November 2, 2014

James surprised me by coming home on Friday the 24th instead of the 25th. I was so happy to see him!
Paxton was pretty content to have James back in his life.
We did some shopping in preparation for our tradition...
Sunday we went to church
and had our 5th Annual Hallows Eve Dessert Party!
Dinner for the family: Mummy Chicken Parmesan
The set-up
James said it wouldn't be a dessert party without his favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
 Skeleton with orange rose petals...the skeleton reminds me of med school anatomy.
 These are not homemade, but we had to have them anyway because they are the most addicting chemical cookie ever made. Only Lofthouse.
 These are Halloween Oreo Cake Bars adapted from here
 Sparkly pumpkin decor and fall leaves from the dollar store.
 Grandpa Fakkel's famous chocolate chip cookies
 James with Nana & Gramps
 So excited My Love got to be here for our tradition after travelling so much for residency interviews.
This Halloween we were so happy to be together we kept it simple by eating at Ernesto's Fine Mexican Food, watching The Old Dark House as a family, and eating candy galore.
Fall is my new favorite season ever since meeting James four years ago on Halloween. We first flirted while James was doing the dishes at the Hallows Eve Dessert Party I hosted with my roommates in 2010. We didn't have a clue that we would be flirting over dessert as husband and wife four years later. Here we are on Halloween 2014:
To read about our Hallows Eve Dessert Parties in the past, read here and here.


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