Life in the Lonestar State

 Monday, May 26, 2014

I've been living with the fam for almost 1 month now. James has been doing absolutely amazing at his first audition rotation in Tulsa. He loves emergency medicine, which is a relief. He really likes the program there, the doctors, the residents, the suburban areas of Tulsa, and the green hills. He's not a fan of the few night shifts he's done so far, but it's not as bad as it could be. Here's what we've been up to since we left AZ:

 Snack pack for the road trip to Texas provided by my sweet coworkers. This was seriously a life saver for peter and me! 
A double rainbow (hard to see) after a huge rain/hail storm through Amarillo.
Reunited with the family after a loooong night and day of driving. Thanks Pete! 
Dining room turned into a bedroom
Can you find our pup Paxton? 
Frozen yogis 
James loaded up the storage unit in AZ
Pi and I go out for lunch at corner bakery cafe. 
Loving the Paxton boy. 
Spending time with nana and grandpa
James starts his first emergency medicine audition rotation!
The best donuts and colaches ever are in Texas. 
Dinner at Cottonpatch
Trying to eat healthy
James surprised me during the week on his day off and he took me to Dallas for an early birthday date. We stayed at Le Méridien Dallas, The Stoneleigh hotel. He took me to Maggianos for dinner and I was sooo happy because I hadn't been there in 5 years! Our server surprised me with a mini cheesecake too. We walked around Northpark mall and had a relaxing evening. 

This picture was taken at Anthropologie in front of a paper mâché elephant. 
The next day it was pouring rain. So green! 

We ate breakfast at a place called Kozy. It's an organic restaurant in downtown dallas, and I had a loaded veggie omelet while James had an omelet loaded with meat :) 

Next we walked around the Galleria mall, because the botanical gardens plan fell through due to the rain. A couple hours later we had Haagen daaz ice cream. Loved my Belgium chocolate chocolate! 

I bought some new shoes and makeup, then we went to see Captain America: Winter Soldier. It was really good! We headed to Chuys for dinner and split a Chuychanga! 

James left for Tulsa after dinner and Paxton could tell I was sad so he gave me kisses :)

On May 10, my birthday, I had to work but my coworkers bought me Jets pizza. Mom and Pi brought me a balloon and bunchacrunch to work. Then we went to Michele's Nails for a mani/pedi! 

Mi familia took me to Chuys again for my birthday dinner! Sopapillas were on the house! 

Thanks to mom & dad, my birthday cake was a masterpiece of art! 
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough brownie layered cake! 

The next day was Mother's Day when nana and grandpa gave me their gift: an antique sterling silver candy dish! I love it!!!!!!! Look at my beautiful nana on Mother's Day! 

And my beautiful momma! 

We enjoyed a barbecue and Chantilley cake. 
In the days that followed I made Oreo cake balls for a relief society activity (never again. Ridiculously hard to make with melted chocolate chips). 

Homework cuddling with that boy. 

Enjoying the green. James enjoying his Tulsa rotation. 

He hit up a popular Korean food truck. 

Mmm kimchi fries! 
Pink ladies at church on Sunday with my sis. 
My brother-in-law Preston (James' youngest brother) got his mission call to Philadelphia! So proud. 
Reunited with my James after his first audition rotation is complete! ✔️
Date night: Cracker Barrel & The Book Thief 
"Let's make pancakes a Sunday brunch tradition." --Me


Sprinkle & Easter

 Monday, May 19, 2014

So one more post before I tell ya about Texas! 
A baby sprinkle for my lovely friend Nicole  (back center) and the last time we're all together before the move! We went to paradise bakery and sprinkled her with baby gifts! 
My love and I enjoyed our Easter Sunday at church. We had a nice meal using what we had left in the fridge (chicken broccoli casserole) and we made Better-Than-Crack brownies to share with our besties Jake and Hailee. We went for a sunset walk with them and took our last photos in Arizona. 
We love them so much! So sad we are moving. Going to miss our life in Glendale with all our good med school friends! On to new adventures! 


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