August 2016

 Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August 1
Day 1 of my new dance workout, CIZE! Totally danced in my in-laws family room.
"The Chelsea Bun"
 Kitchen Update from James at home:

 Nala loves the pile of sticks (tree logs) she can now play with!
August 2
(In Utah for Steven & Kate's Wedding!) Danielle and I went to Kneaders for breakfast. Oh how we love the all you can eat french toast! The ONLY french toast I like is Kneaders!
August 3
I was so thrilled to be able to visit with one of my best friends from medical school, Nicole! We chatted over lunch at Costa Vida, my absolute fav! Soooo good to see her!
August 4
Steven and Danielle and I went to one of Steven's friend's wedding reception before picking James up from the airport. It's the night before his wedding, so we called it his "bachelor party." I remember we ate Wendy's for dinner. Frosties all around!
August 5
Happy Wedding Day to Steven & Kate!!! They were sealed in the Provo City Center Temple. Loved their luncheon and reception too! So pretty & yummy food & fun dancing!
Love this photo! Spotted: James & Chels in the middle of the group!
Matching pink!
 Handsome as a bowtie!
 Gorgeous Danielle.
 James and Marissa.
  Heather, Grandma Chapman, Dad, Spencer
 Just married!
 Pure happiness.
  I love this face.
 Marissa helping her new sister with the wedding dress.
 Haha Spencer with Holly & Mike
 My eternal companion.
 I have no idea.
 Feel like some strawberries on the temple grounds?
 These guys do!
 It was so hot outside. And we were hungry.
 Danielle making a speech at the luncheon!
 Grandma Keel made a speech too. Love her.
 Father & Son contemplating life at the reception.
August 6
I got to go to a Beachbody Super Saturday here in Utah! I was so excited to meet my coach Kandice in person! It was fun to workout together to Country Heat, the newest dance workout program from Beachbody!
Then we went to lunch as a family at Kneaders with the bride & groom and the bride's family. I loved my salad!

That night James and I were able to see a Real Salt Lake soccer game for free, thanks to our old Bishop K for the tickets! James was SUPER excited because RSL is his team! I loved seeing him so happy.

August 7
Sunday! Went to church with the family, then had a nice bbq in the backyard! Pete came over and he and James had fun catching up. I love how my brother and my husband act like brothers!

August 8
James and I went for a hike up to Stewart Falls with Mom, Danielle, and Marissa. When in Utah, you gotta take advantage of the hikes! 

Then it was time to drop James off at the airport. Sad.
Salt Lake City.
 James hugging his sister Danielle.
Later that evening Peter and I went to Bombay House for dinner (that's where I fell in love with chicken tikka masala) and then we saw The Legend of Tarzan (SO GOOD). Danielle came with us!
August 9
Crazy flights being cancelled all over the place. They changed me to an overnight flight that stopped in Detroit and didn't leave until the morning. I was so ticked. Then I remembered one of my best friends moved to Detroit recently...
Eating my leftover chicken tikka masala at the airport. Cold.
August 10
It is a miracle that my amazing friend Jenna from med school only lived 20 mins or so from the Detroit airport, and she had the day to spend with me and allowed me to stay at her house for the night and take me back to the airport in the morning. It was like coming home. Being with a friend so close to me, she's like a sister. Her kids were so excited I was there! I can't believe how big they've gotten! We had a wonderful time laughing together, staying up late, and catching up. I love Jenna!
I think Eliza took this photo!
 Kitchen update: crown molding around the ceiling!
August 11
Back home! Felt good to get back to exercising doing Cize and drinking Shakeology. 
 James tired, Nala in her favorite spot. Haha.
 I love my new kitchen sink!
 Flatbread pizzas on the grill for dinner!
August 12
Cize for exercise, James and Nala, healthy food.

August 13
Nala likes to lick off my sweat after I exercise.
 Lunch! Yum!
 The new lighting above our sink!
 Healthy meal planning with my hubby beside me and my pup at my feet.
August 14
Healthy breakfast on the way to church.
 Healthy lunch/dinner.

Starting a new challenge group for fall!
Nala really loves Greg. He takes her for runs in the woods! Greg is the LDS med student staying with us while he rotates at Kent hospital. He's the guy who helped with the kitchen beadboard, crown molding, new lighting, and backsplash. Thank you forever for helping us finish our kitchen Greg!
 August 15
Exercised, rocking the Chelsea Bun.
 Coaching Stuff.
 The cabinet doorknobs on the china hutch look great!
 My group of beachbody coaches. We call ourselves Chapman Chapman & Montgomery.
 Nala is jealous of my Shakeology dessert.
August 16
Yoga & Walks
 Lunch Date at Rasa in downtown East Greenwich.
 Chicken Tikka Masala of course.
 Love this man.
 For the mutual activity with the youth tonight I went to Narragansett beach. I only had 1 piece of pizza!
August 17
Teaching some of the moves from CIZE for my followers on Instagram.
 Can you spy a puppy in this picture?

August 18
Sweaty selfie & walks with Nala.

 Brunch at T's Restaurant with the LDS resident wives for Brittany's Birthday (Bri w/ Faye, Ashley, me, Bobbie, Brittany w/ Juniper)
 Nala loves her James.
 James working on the kitchen backsplash!
August 19
I got this in the mail from Beachbody as part of my coaching order and I had no idea what it was. After asking lots of people, I learned it's a sandbag!
 My coach gave me this headband that is perfect. Nala & I both love strawberries & kisses after exercising!
 Nala loves the kitchen as much as I do!
 James did such a great job!
 Just need to take the plastic off the appliances.
 Cleaning the bookcase with my Norwex cloth I got from Whitney!
 Nala Goose.
August 20
We sold our old fridge.
 Breakfast with Nala outside.
 She loves her sticks. Those eyes are piercing.
 She found some shade under the house.
 When I crave mac and cheese I eat cauliflower with cheese.
August 21
Free zucchini at church today. So I grabbed two huge zucchinis! The length of my forearm, and I can't even get my hands around half of it! I made zucchini lasagna.

 Nala really wanted some.
 She's in the I took her outside while the lasagna baked.
 She loves the frisbee!
I attempted to make zucchini brownies. They did NOT taste good. I hated the texture.
August 22
Officially introducing The Chelsea Bun. Named by my sister Piper.
 Nala was so happy to be running free in the woods today!

 Babysitting Zoe & Logan. I had Zoe do Cize with me! She loved it!

 Even unicorns drink Shakeology.
 I love being a Beachbody coach!
August 23
Great morning for a family walk!
 Picking out lighting for our bathroom at Home Depot.
 Healthy mexican bowls for lunch.
 Family walk photos.
 Nala loves the woods.
 This looks like he's in Newport but I honestly cannot remember where or why this photo was taken.
 Here I am at the mutual activity. Ice Cream Personal Progress.
 I wasn't tempted by the ice cream because I brought my Shakeology along.
 The young women at tonight's activity: Amber, Kaylee, Bielka (my 1st counselor), me, Lexi
 Julie's in this picture!
August 24
Only had 10 minutes to work out this morning because Brittany and I randomly decided to go to Watch Hill today!
Watch Hill is gorgeous in the summertime! 
 I spy Taylor Swift's house.
 Beautiful water.
 Brittany & Juni & Chelsea. We ate sub sandwiches from Ten Sandwiches.
 Taylor Swift's house again.
 Ice cream at St. Clair Annex.
 After a day at Watch Hill James and I went to Narragansett Beach for date night!
I did a video demonstration of the Norwex body cloth that removes makeup with just water! If you're interested, my friend Whitney is a Norwex consultant! Don't mind my cheesy face.
August 25
Nala loves the pile of old kitchen cabinets in our backyard.
 Brittany and I decided to explore Historic New England Watson Farm in Jamestown.

 The farm has a path that leads right down to the bay.

 We had fish tacos at The Shack at Dutch Harbor.

 Then home for some quality time with Nala goose & James.
 August 26
ExerCIZE, the most amazing syrup from my friend Ixchel with spice cake mix waffles, and Nala on National Puppy Day.

August 27
A few before pictures of the kitchen, but mostly the gorgeous AFTER pictures!

August 28
Cuddles & Walks with James & Nala

 Grandpa's Homemade Banana Bread
 Meeting for the Hartford Temple Cultural Celebration!
 My favorite scripture today.
August 29

August 30
James and I explored Blithewold Mansion Gardens & Arboretum in Bristol, Rhode Island!

 This tree.

 After an exciting day of exploring, we visited our friends Matt & Liv at their new house on Johnson Pond and they took us on their boat! Nala loved it.
Then off to go boating with the Bentley family in our ward for a mutual activity with the Young Women! I had a blast tubing with them!

August 31
Shakeology & the Chelsea Bun, Nala loves sticks, flatbread pizza, family time.

Ready for September!


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